Aloha Kakou!



    "Born and raised in Waianae, Hawaii, on the beautiful west side of Oahu,Kawaiohawaiki is a talented and versatile individual with a deep connection to her Polynesian heritage. With over 20 years of experience, she is renowned as one of the best massage therapists, specializing in the traditional Hawaiian healing art of Lomilomi. A skilled host and public speaker, Kawaiohawaiki is also a talented Polynesian dancer and fire dancer, entertaining audiences with her grace and passion. But her greatest joy is being a loving and devoted mother. With a warm and caring spirit, Kawaiohawaiki embodies the aloha spirit, sharing her gifts and talents with others to bring joy, healing, and inspiration to those around her."

  • Services

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    Hawaiian Entertainment

    Hula Fire & Tahitian

    Hula, Tahitian & now FIRE DANCING. Add an authentic Polynesian flare to your next event! Contact us for further details.

    Interactive Hula Lesson

    Ami with me!

    Dont be shy now! This is an interactive show. Come up and learn some Hula & Tahitian dancing. Then lets take some memorable pictures together. Mahalo Nui Loa.


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    Moana & Maui Parties

    Hula & Fire Dancing

    Fun for all ages! 

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    School & Corporate events

    All your guest will feel the Aloha Spirit

    Authenticity that cant be substituted. Bring the Aloha Spirit to your next event!

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    Kamakaokalani aka Kamaka boy

    Samoan Fire Knife Spinning

    Kymani Kamaka Boy is an amazing performer. He is confident & is working hard at his craft. Book him for your next event.

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    Include aFire Show for your event 

    Fire fans, Fire Breathing for amazing pictures

    Bring the Aloha Spirit to your next event!

  • About Me & What I do



    "Realizing my dream of living in New York has been a journey marked by numerous challenges and valuable lessons. As a native Hawaiian, I am deeply proud of my heritage and grateful for the rich cultural legacy of my ancestors. I believe it is our personal responsibility to cultivate happiness and fulfillment, not just for ourselves, but also for our spiritual guides and ancestors who live through us.


    As a Hawaiian, I feel a profound sense of responsibility to share the love and spirit of my culture, which has been impacted by historical suppression and cultural appropriation. While living in Hawaii is distinct from visiting as a tourist, I have found that New York offers opportunities for growth and exploration.


    Despite the challenges, I am grateful for my family and the beauty of this new chapter. However, my heart remains with Hawaii, where the cost of living has skyrocketed, forcing many locals to leave their homeland. This is a painful reminder of the ongoing struggles of my people.


    My life's mission is to support the restoration of Hawaii to its indigenous people, where it rightfully belongs. I am committed to working towards this vision, guided by the Hawaiian motto: 'Ua Mau ke Ea O ka 'Aina i ka pono' - The Life of this land is perpetuated in Righteousness. I appreciate your support and collaboration in this important endeavor."

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    Please email for class location & prices.


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  • Testimonials

    Our amazing clients who love Polynesia!

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    Brought the Aloha spirit to our event 

    Nadia M. May 11, 2017

    " My wife and I want to thank you again for the beautiful entertainment. Our daughter, friends and family all love it and can't stop talking about it. It's a day we will never forget and cherish. Aloha!!"

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    Authentic Performance with grace

    Treneice M. August 6th, 2018

    "Yesterday was really incredible. You went above and beyond to make my daughters birthday very special. Thank you for making this day memorable."

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    "Ambassador of Aloha"

    Shirvana W. May 25, 2019

    "Hi Kawai. It's Shivana. We had to say an extra special thank you to you. We ABSOLUTELY LOVED your performance. Going to keep spreading the word. Thank you again for making Anissa's Birthday so amazing."

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    "We have a newfound appreciation for Hawaii"

    Kathy P. July 1, 2022 Ossing NY.

    "Kawai was a personable & professional. Everyone had so much fun during our hula lesson. We appreciated it. Mahalo"

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    You bought Hawaii to us!

    Linda A. August 10th 2022 Long Island NY

    "Thank you for sharing the aloha spirit with our OHANA. Kamakas fire show was fantastic. We appreciated having native Hawaiians at our event to teach us some hula & culture."

  • Video

    "Being Native Hawaiian, born & raised in Hawaii, is a blessing. But there is just something equally magnetic that drew me to New York. I fell in love with the big city. I moved to New York in 2016 for adventure but what I found was a deeper love for my culture & a deeper understanding of myself. I travel home to Hawaii often, but its the Big Apple that keeps me coming back! My desire to share continues to grow even more & I love what we do. Our culture is spiritual & it's a story that needs to be told. Mahalo or Thank you for letting be apart of your journey. Urban passion with a Polynesian heart."- Kawai


    "Let's turn the Big Apple into the Big Pineapple"

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